No one likes interviews

They don't, so you are not alone in your dislike, fear, phobia even.  Someone else sat there, judging you, questioning your actions in the past - deciding if you are good enough.  You haven't felt this scrutinised since you were a child and yet we all have to filter through the same process, the same cross examination for what?  For the job that we really want, to get ourselves into a role that matters - the dream job.

Komon takes the stress away and gives you the tools you need to succeed

Whether its a telephone interview, face to face, assessment day or panel interview - we can help

We can;

  • Help you understand the role that your interviewing for
  • Guide you in your preparation process
  • Explain competency interviewing and how to answer this style of questioning
  • Advise on questions that you should consider asking

Above all else it is important for you to remember that the interview is as much about you deciding if the role and the company are right for you as the interviewers deciding if you are right for them.


We don't just help candidates

Our team are also on hand to help companies prepare for and deliver interviews - as experienced interviewers we are also able to run the interviews on your behalf contact us today to see how we can help you too

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Important things that you should already be considering

Think about why you are going for the interview...

  • if you don't know why you've applied the interviewer isn't going to think you're serious
  • is this really the job that you want or need?
  • what can I bring to the role?
  • what can the role give to me?


Be prepared...

  • do you have a preparation plan?
  • have you made your notes?
  • have you done your research?


Look the part

  • dress to impress
  • arrive slightly early so that you are composed - not rushed
  • smile and make eye contact (they're human too)


The team at Komon have many more useful hints and tips that will help to make your interview a much more comfortable experience, after all, you've got this far - don't risk throwing it away


"Following the shock of being made redundant and having an out of date CV, Komon's knowledge and professionalism helped me through this uncertain time, producing my CV in a modern and eye-catching way securing me a new job within 2 weeks"